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Marine insurance is essential to protect your cargo in transit in the event of unexpected and unforeseeable risks and situations, which may lead to the loss or damage of it while in transit via air, sea or land transport.

For single transit cover with our platform you can generate a marine insurance quote, accept it, pay online and have your cargo insured and your marine insurance certificate delivered to your inbox all within a matter of a few minutes. is the fastest growing marine cargo insurance distributor in Australia and we are changing the way shippers and their transport providers, large and small, take out cover on their cargo.

We deliver instant single marine transit cargo insurance with comprehensive cover in line with Marine Institute Cargo Clauses (A) and underwritten by Chubb Insurance who are the world’s largest publicly traded property and casualty insurer.

Should you ever be unfortunate and suffer loss or damage to your cargo and need to make a claim, then Chubb Insurance service and pay them fairly and promptly.

Cargo insurance is available with us on all major commodities and goods. We even cover the cost of the freight as even if your cargo is lost or damaged carriers usually have the right to bill you anyway.

There is no minimum marine insurance premium amount which makes covering low value cargo feasible whether you are have it transported domestically or internationally.

If you are a high volume shipper, we can provide annual cover  however this type of insurance cannot be accomplished purely online. Please go to the Annual Marine Insurance Cover option. leverage’s myCargo’s incredible logistics software and payment for marine insurance premiums is accomplished online with PayPal’s secure payment platform.

With Marine Insurance .biz we offer you 24/7 online chat support should you have any questions.

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